Top 30 WordPress Classifieds Themes

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  • June 4, 2016

Since its inception, WordPress has long been recognized as a stable platform for blogging. Its reliability coupled with its credibility and versatility has gone along way to establishing it as one of the today’s best platforms for basing your online business interests on. WordPress provides users with an easy solution for turning an ordinary everyday website into a fully functional modernized one with a fun content management system to boot.

Are your planning to use a WordPress classifieds theme on your WordPress based website? It is a great way to use this theme, as it may come up with a full blown classified ads website without any complicated technical details to go through. By using a classifieds theme, you can easily turn your WordPress blog into a classifieds website with only a few mouse clicks.

If you want to create an astounding classified listing to sell your products, there are multifarious ways to do this. Whether you want a revamped way of selling items or a more specific website that deals only with buying or selling certain items such as electronics or antique furniture, a WordPress theme gets you up and running within seconds.

So, in today’s post, we are going to discuss some of the free and premium classifieds ads WordPress themes that you use for numerous websites such as buy and sell cars and local business directories.

1) ClassifiedEngine


Everything that you expect from your classified theme, ClassifiedEngine contains all that you need to build a fully functioning classifieds website with WordPress. This app is designed has been EngineTheme, their team is very popular in creating themes that allow you to build an amazing WordPress website.

Don’t hesitate to choose between different payment plans, where your advertisers submit a few ads and the placement expires after a certain period of time. You can easily implement and move the widget and sidebar areas with an ease for the ideal advertisement placement. Users have a chance to upload images for their ads, and you can always modify the experience with the included CE CustomFields extension.

2) Classifier


The Classifier theme is a strong option from the Color Labs Project. It’s clean layout offers a simple way for front-end users to find what they want, and the back-end performs an amazing work for adding, removing and customizing ads. You have several options to choose whether you want a classified site free or paid, and the listing details for each ad show up in the sidebar for additional information.

Each seller receives a simple user dashboard, which they can use whenever they want to. Memberships are customizable, and the BuddyPress integration turns your entire site into a social network. The tabbed classification list setting produces simple search functionality, and the customs forms and fields make your ad categories richer and more progressed. You will surely like the design of the Classifier theme because it seems to fit quite a bit of content on the page, yet it doesn’t look that cluttered.

3) ClassiPress


This theme has been designed by App Themes, they specialize in this type of feature-packed single purpose WordPress theme. Currently, version 3 of ClassiPress is running in the market, in which you can expect lots of new features, and the improved core functionality of the theme. This theme has the ability to create a very popular and flexible product.
If you are thinking about making money from your classifieds website, there is no shortage of options with this theme. With the help of three core monetization, you can create various pricing modules: fixed rate, percentage, or category based.

4) Classifieds


Classifieds comprises with the WordPress package from Templatic that allows you to build a fully functioning website for listing adverts. Classifieds.

Classifieds runs on top of the Directory framework, also from Templatic, giving you access to all the elements and functionality of that product, consolidated with the extra components needed to run and manage a classifieds website.

5) Classiads


Classiads features a modern and classy design that makes it an extraordinary decision for offering or publicizing almost any type of item.
The landing page of any site using this theme will be exceptionally appealing, featuring a very easy to navigate menu system and category interfaces that make it simple for your visitors to find exactly what they are searching for.

6) Flat Ads

Flat Ads

FlatAds is an awesome quality classifieds website builder theme for WordPress which has a clean, advanced, and stylish design.

The theme has been built to incorporate with the WooCommerce plugin which is utilized to handle the checkout and shopping cart features of the theme. PayPal payments are also accepted out of the box, which can help you start generating revenue from your site from day one.

7) ClassiCraft


ClassiCraft has been introduced by InkThemes and its one that that has been created with a strong focus on permitting you to create passive revenue from a classifieds site.

The design of the ClassiCraft WordPress theme is extremely good and clean, with a minimal approach to design being employed. While the appearance probably won’t dazzle your visitors, it is easy to use and helps create a user friendly experience as they are either seeing listings or presenting their own. The layout and plan are completely responsive so your website will work just as well on a range of devices and screen sizes.

8) ClassifiedTheme


ClassifiedTheme by SiteMile is described as a turn-key answer for novice users. This implies regardless what your level of experience with WordPress or building a classifieds website is, ClassifiedTheme won’t disappoint you.

With PayPal, Facebook, and Google Maps integrations, you can easily create a rich user experience for your site visitors. This theme is accessible as a feature of the Site Mile theme club 10 themes at a much discounted price.

9) Classifier


The classifier is an extremely modern looking theme that makes utilization of the latest design trends, such as a flat user interface and a full width responsive format, to help you build a professional classifieds site.

While the theme has been made for building a classified ads website with WordPress, it can be saddled to fabricate different sorts of destinations that can, in any case, make utilization of its extraordinary arrangement of elements. These different clients could incorporate a professional resource site, an individual promotions webpage, a land postings entry, or a group site, to give some examples.

10) Carat: Automotive Listing WordPress Theme

Carat: Automotive Listing WordPress Theme

A popular way to make money online is to create a classifieds site and really cater to a niche group of buyers and sellers. In this case, the Carat – Automotive Listing WordPress Theme is just that–a theme for selling cars.

The Google Map feature includes markers so the client knows precisely where to discover the sellers, and you can simply make membership packages with custom pricing, in the event that you are truly trying to make money off your website.

11) Classify


A slider is one of the easiest ways to grab attention when someone comes to your site, but many of the top slider plugins don’t respond well when viewed on other devices. This theme is bundled with LayerSlider, which moves around pleasantly when seen on tablets and telephones. The boundless shading plans redo your site, and the geo-area highlights permit you to restrict your deals.

12) Pro Automotive

Pro Automotive

Since buying and selling cars online is an enormously big business we find it wise to look at a few options when building your automotive classifieds website. As another example, the Pro Automotive theme offers affordability and functionality with its responsive configuration and boundless skins for customizing the way your site looks.

13) WP Classifieds

WP Classifieds

This is a clean and responsive WordPress theme which is great for listings of jobs, real estate, cars, vehicles, travel and even for personal relationships.

14) Jobroller


This great theme can be used both by people who are looking for employment or by people who need employees. It is very popular and comes jam packed with features.

15) E-list Directory

E-list Directory

This is a great them which lets you create any type of directly online. It even lets your viewers create a new listing from the beginning. It lets you charge your viewers since it is integrated with e-Commerce.

16) I-knowledge


This theme has been designed in such a way that it focuses on content and not on designing. It has custom widgets and a ready to use the rating system.

17) Directory-press


One of the best themes that can be used for making a directory based site. This theme comes packed with features which make your work easy and let you do it efficiently.

18) Geocraft Theme

Geocraft Theme

This theme is very popular and easy to install and use. It lets you set your website in minutes and has many unique and useful features.

19) Vantage


This is a very responsive and easy to use the theme. It is suitable for businesses that need to set up directories. It can be used on all kinds of devices.

20) Quality Control

Quality Control

This theme is most suitable for businesses and lets you keep track of your assignments. It is feature rich, responsive and is very easy to use.

21) K-Boom


This is a unique theme which has been created keeping in mind music events. So if you’re planning on hosting an event, this is the theme that you should download.

22) Theme Tick

Theme Tick

This great and fully responsive theme is best suitable for people who want to manage their events in an easy and efficient manner. It has lots of cool and useful features.

23) Ideas


This is a great theme which lets the website owner interact with his customers and get useful feedback in context with his products. It is easy to use and is highly responsive.

24) Appointments


This unique theme is best suitable for professionals who want to keep a track of all their appointments. It is mostly used by lawyers, doctors, and other business professionals.

25) Nine to Five

Nine to Five

This amazing theme has every feature that you could possibly need to set up your directory website. It has over 50 features that you can choose from. It comes with different styling options, custom panels, and even maps.

26) Askit


This is a theme, which lets members asks questions and then answer them. The answers are then voted upon by the members and a correct answer is chosen.

27) Answers


This theme lets you set up a site where people can ask and answer questions. It is integrated with eCommerce, which means the visitors can be charged as well.

28) Buzzler


This is a theme which is best suitable for small sized businesses. It comes with predefined listing categories which make setting up the website very easy.

29) Directory Portal


This theme lets you create a directory online and it can have as many categories as you want- be it shops, companies or websites. You can even include ads here.

30) Know How


This is a great theme that you can use to help solve your customer’s doubts and queries. With this theme, a knowledge base can be created within minutes.